Friday, June 1, 2007

Two daughters (girls) !!

A lazy afternoon post lunch and a boring applied science class lectured by a equally boring lecturer. Life can't get cruel than this.

We were in the 1st year of our engg. and everything related to academics seemed to kindle boredom. Our Applied Science madam, Mrs.Kobze; had the best sleeping pill in the world. We seldom missed her lectures, as it gave us 1 hr of gooooooood sleeeeeeeep!
That day students decided to revolt and demanded Mrs.Kobze not to take the lecture. But, She was hell bent on making us sleep. Better sense prevailed and she decided it as a off-period.

Students started to move out of the class but suddenly she said, "All of u give me your intro!" Students gazed at each other in disappointment and pestered the madam to herself start with the Introduction parade!

She started with her typical English!

My name Mrs.Kobze madam. (Ah! What a start!) I in this college for 3 year(I in what?? ). I teach AS to students (whom else she hopes to teach !?!). I are married. (are??????) I have two daughters...both of them are girls (No comments!!! God save her and her pupils!!)


I did my engg. from XYZ college (Umm..huh..don't wanna tell its name! Infact its not worth a mention!!). My alma-mater was a so good that its pupils were better in english than its staffs(lecs/profs). I prefer to call our college Shetkari Mahavidyalay (Farmer's college in Marathi)..hehee...

One of the most funniest moments was in our college's administrative office. Me, Pawan and Arun(my best pals) had been to the office to resolve some issue. There was a lady-staff who was chit-chatting with her colleague at one of the counters...We decided to do so eavesdropping. What we heard was absolutely the most memorable moments in our life..nothing can be more funnier than this...

Lady-staff: "Saheb, Ikde attestatation { this is how she said!!! 1 extra 'ta' :D } kuthe hote??? " (Sir, Where is attestatation done here?)
Gent-staff: Ikde atetion {this is how he said!!! 1 'ta' missing :D } hot nahi, maidam??? (Atetion is not done here)

Hearing them we forgot the right pronunciation of "Attestation". ;-)

Free Banana!

There has been no dearth of innovations from vendors to sell their product. The more innovative their advertising skills, merrier is the sales of their products...

This incident confirms this....

I often go to Dadar (a Mumbai suburb) during my college days. There were two reasons to it.. One was to attend some crash courses on some Engg. subjects and the other being the huge crowd of truly cosmopolitan girls~most of them college going! :-) Dadar was famous for 5 things viz., 1) Engg. Classes 2) Nice looking urban babes 3) Vada-Pav 4) Crowd and 5) Fruit Market.

I was on my way back to Dadar railway station walking on the narrow aisle of the Fruit market. There were many fruit stalls with their vendors yelling from their deep-throat~ They speak a mix of Hindi, Marathi and English U c... for ex. "Yeh phroot(fruit) bahoot tasteeee aahe saab!!!! " (This fruit is very tasty sir!)
But, there was a big crowd in one particular stall. A young kid was manning the shop. Curious to know the big crowd in front of his shop, I went near it only to get completely washed of my feet hearing the lad's screams...

"Saab!!...Kela toh muft hai...bas daam chilke ka hai....!!" (The banana is free but only the cost is of its peels).