Thursday, December 7, 2006

The Lost World!

Year: 1998
Location: Tilak Talkies, Dombivli, Mumbai
Time: 6:00 pm

I was in 9th standard at that time. My school-St. Mary's English High school. Life at that period was full of fun. I was a very reserved and seedha-saadha(obedient) type of guy till then...but started to experiment new things from there on!!!

That fine day I cam back from school and decided for the first time in life that I will bunk my tution and go to watch a movie. The movie was The Lost World! I left my home bading good-bye to my mom saying I would be back from tution by 9:30 and headed straight to Tilak Talkies. I was alone. I got the ticket in Super stall for Rs.15/-(thats what they called for back row seatings). I was roaming outside seeing the english film posters that were on display constantly looking around that no relatives are close by.

The bell rang and public started pouring in the cinema hall. I was excited and at the same time feeling nervous and gulity. All sorts of questions breezed my mind...Like what will happen if my mom sees me while coming out of the cinema hall etc...My heart was thumping hard!!! I calmed down myself and wiped the sweat which was pouring down!!! Inside the theatre hall I looked for my seat and seated thinking how well I bunked for the first time....

A lady of age around 35 along with two boys(of my age) came and took the seats next to me. Curious to know how that lady looked, I bend down my seat and looked at her face. To my horror, It was Mrs. Usha Rao, my class teacher who had come along with her sons. My heart was racing. I didn't knew whether to run away from there or sit. I started planning what I have to lie to her. The unfortunate thing was I had my school bag and she immediately knew that I had bunked!

Mrs.Rao asked me, "Ashwanth(she called me Ashwanth!!! Donno why??), Did you inform your parents before coming here?" I was dumbstuck!!!! I didn't answer her anything. I wanted to say some reason but felt that my throat glued. I couldn't speak a word. Her son was constantly blabbering something which I don't remember. I was no more eager in the movie. I didn't had a good impression on Mrs.Rao. She always accused me in class of "arguing"

Finally lights went on! and I looked at the screen to find the words "INTERMISSON"

I got up my seat and raced towards the exit. I decided helluva the movie and came back to my house. I went to the school with a heavy heart. Fearing what would be the reaction of Mrs.Rao. As usual she took the first period(1st slot). She started taking attendance. It was a roll call. I was thinking about something else and I missed my number. She called up, "Ashwanth!!!" What are you dreaming??" I frowned back saying, "Sorry, Maam!!"

She came towards me and asked me to get up. My heart began to race. I prayed I could disappear like Mr.India. She yelled once again, Get Up!!! As I stood, she asked me," Call ur mother!!!
I want to discuss the story of The Lost World with her!"

Thanda Tha!!

This incident happened 6 months back when I was travelling from Mumbai to Hyderabad by Hyderabad Exp. I was in a sleeper coach S5. I boarded the train at around 9:45 pm from Kalyan station(in Bombay). I was excited as I was going to join a big s/w company and was my first job. The night passed and I woke up greeted by sunny and a pleasant morning. I was killing time by reading some magazines. There were hawkers all around the coach selling all sorts of eateries. It was very humid and I was looking for some cold drinks!!
Eureka!! There was this young chap who was very looking very brisk! He hustled his way through the coach yelling "Thanda" !!! "Thanda" !!! He was carrying the cold-drinks in a bucket covered by a wet cloth. I straight-away asked him for a bottle of Coke. He said, "Saab! Gyaarah rupay"(Rs.11/-) . I gave Rs.11/- and he kept the coke bottle on the berth and started to go towards other compartments.
When I took the coke-bottle to my horror and anger, I found it warm and no where like a cold-drink. I yelled back to him..."Abe Sale, Yeh thanda nahi garam hai"(its warm and not cold)... He yelled back..."Saab, Woh Thanda Tha!!"(it was cold!!)

My First Post! Helloworld!

I am really excited to write my first blog!!! First of all, I wanted to know what really a blog is and why its posted??? I think its a diary which we maintain on thw web and share it with th world!!
As a s/w professional, the first program on any language or platform was called Helloworld application, similarly this is my Helloworld Blog!!!

Through this space I intend to share my memories with you all along with the things happening around me.

Disclaimer: The views that are and are going to be published in my blogs are entirely mine and is not intended to affect anyone personally.