Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mankatha :My review

The last time I wrote a review was way back in 2007 and that was for Billa. Being a fan of Ajith, I couldn't resist the temptation of watching the movie here in Mumbai. Here goes my review...

First and foremost, congrats to 'Thala' for his milestone of fifty movies. It is indeed a terrific achievement for a self-made man who has inspired many (me included) with his self-confidence and 'never give-up' attitude. Let me try to write this review not just like an Ajith-fan but also a matured movie lover.

Mankatha is all about Ajith. Thala's screen presence is enormous and its just to the likings of his fans all over the globe. But, Venkat Prabhu needs to be credited to cast Ajith in a negative role like this. He has indeed introduced the noir genre to tamil cinema (where every character has grey shades and deals with treachery, paranoia, cynic etc and everything revolves around money, selfishness, violence). This is indeed something new for tamil audiences who have been brought up on a steady diet of a 'good' hero bashing up a baddie and saving the world/his muse. The first-half drags a lot. Screenplay moves very slowly and the movie length definitely needs a trim for sure. Post-interval it gets racy leading to the climax with a nice twist. The fight sequences are one too many and lasts really long and boring at times. There is the thala-signature car chase and bike chase sequence which is hot and racy!

VP has casted most of his famed-team of Prem, Vaibhav, Premji etc. He has blended action with subtle comic-sense in his usual style. Prem's role is flat. Vaibhav and Premji has got good meaty roles and they should be grateful to share much screen-space with a top hero. Premji is a let down and he has become monotonous in all his movies. He fails to evoke laughter sans 2/3 scenes. Trisha's role is small one and she has made most of it. Lakshmi Rai get a wink and look role which doesn't warrants a review on her performance. She adds in the oomph-factor to the movie. Other 2 girls are just a fill in.

The movie scores when you start relating yourself with thala's character. He is devilish at his best. He carries us along the plot which otherwise was let down by a loose screenplay. Arjun needs a special mention and he has done a great work. His cat and mouse game with Ajith is really exciting.

This is definitely a fresh and bold attempt by a front-line hero like Ajith to come out of the usual framework meant for mass-heroes. I am sure this would inspire other peers of his to follow suit.
Mankatha = a win-win gamble for Thala!

Monday, August 29, 2011

I am backkk!!!

Its a strange feeling. Blogging after such a long time. I had almost forgotten I had a blog which i owned. Well, lot of water has flown under the bridge.
I celebrated my 27th B'day last month. No more a kiddo I am. The positive thing to share is that I am a PMP now. i.e., a PMI certified "Project Management Professional". It was long since I wanted to improve my skillsets. Had a feeling that I needed to spruce up myself. I always backed the managerial skills in me and PMP I felt was a correct platform. Now, that I have done it, the confidence levels has gone up. Well, that was a satisfactory result for sure as I had set a personal goal of 1.Becoming a PMP and 2.Putting down on the weight.

The first aspect I have achieved. Now, I need the mental strength to do the 2nd. I want to shed some kilos and look fit and fine. Want to get back to my college days when I was not too lean but also not too fat. Now I am obese and obviously not want to shed some pounds. Moreover, with me getting no younger as days passes, obesity is a killer for sure. I have set a target of November 30th to reduce atleast 10kgs. God, give me the strength to achieve it.

At the home front, mom hunting for a bride. My views are quite neutral on this. I need to buy myself a house before that. Or is that too orthodox a feeling. As far as I concerned now, marriage can wait for the time-being. No hurry for that now.

On a critical project, which is in middle of a storm. I need divine blessings to pull it off. I am sure god is on my side and I am putting my 100%. Towards this, I had been to Oman 3 weeks back and it was my first overseas trip. Though it was high-voltage trip, it was a nice feeling at the end of it. Might have to make another short visit next month. Last week was in Chennai for the same project and i got kinda home-sick. Missed my home and my family bitterly. Was happy to be back in home. But it seems I have to go to Chennai again to co-ordinate better with my team.

Once this project is done with, I intend to go to North India (Delhi, Jaipur and Agra) for a vacation with my family. Its been pending since I donno when but a real long time. Should do atleast 1 vacation in a year; that is what I have planned now. Lets see what happens actually.

Life moves on.