Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Billa : My review

Its been a long time since I blogged. Infact there was no mood and topic for blogging! Yesterday happened to watch Billa. Here goes my review of the same...

The storyline is the same as that of the Rajni's Billa. But the look and feel of the movie has been taken to a different level altogether. The movie starts with an amazing introduction of 'thala' Ajith. The first half is racy and adrenaline pumping. The director has made sure he has got all the hollywood action movie elements in place. Some of which are car chase sequence shot using high speed cameras, monochrome ambiance(black and white used superbly), distant roving camera shots, designer clothes, crisp dialogues, very low EQ (emotional quotient), using computers and so on.

Hats off to VishnuVardhan, the director of the movie, in his ability to bring the creamy look to the film and the guts to remake the yesteryear blockbuster without tweaking the plotline. The main hero of Billa seems to be Nirav Shah, the cinematographer of the movie. His work is excellent and comparable to the best in the business. The movie rides on the charm and charisma of Ajith and if you are an Ajith fan it can't get better than Billa. Ajith performance cannot be said the best but his looks are amazing in this movie. He rocks in his Armani suits and never has tried to imitate Rajini or SRK.

Yuvan has done a decent job with music. Though none of the songs linger in our mind much; the title track and background music is truly awesome. Next up, Prabhu has played his part well as a cop and so is Rahman. The other cop (dont know his name though) has also done quite well.
Santhanam's comedy looks out of the box and is injected for commercial purpose. The film seems to be a bit longer though esp. the second half. The over-use of sunglasses by each and every character in the movie could have been avoided.

The second half of the movie slightly slackens with its screenplay. The item song with a new girl completely puts one off. :-( Namitha has tried hard to bring the oomph factor but has failed miserably at the hands of Nayanthara. 9thara looks amazingly sexy and the TombRaider Lara Croft look fits on her nicely. She has flashed her cleavage to good effect in billa's success :-D

People looking for a twist in plot are in for some disappointment as this is a honest remake of the original. The main feature of the movie is; you won't be able to recall a single sequence of the movie easily after watching which itself gives you the experience of watching a high-end holly flick. One can always complain what is the need for imitating hollywood, but ain't we bored with the usual stuff??

Overall, we can enjoy Ajith's Billa much more if we dont carry the baggage of Rajini's Billa in our mind.
Billa = Visual Treat!!!


Manivannan said...

Totally agree with you on 9thara, Stylishness and Ajith . But the film could have been made much better, too much concentration was given on the looks. The item girl song turned u off ;) thats surprising :D

Ashwath said...

Mani,I agree with u... it cud have been made much better. maybe they could have cropped the length of the movie with just two songs.

Anonymous said...


Long time? actually, even i was out for a long time. U know i don't understand ur language but still am fascinated by your cinema. Will watch Billa if i get a chance